Terms and Conditions

We thank you for your interest in CWGS Group LLC (“CWGS”), the MARCUS BUY IT program, and for sharing your ideas with us.  Please be advised that by you submitting, and CWGS receiving, your ideas, CWGS may or may not review your ideas, and CWGS has no obligation to act further on your ideas.  You acknowledge that by submitting your product idea(s) to the MARCUS BUY IT program, you have no expectation of and/or legal right to confidentiality.


CWGS claims no proprietary right and/or interest in or to your submission, and acknowledges that, to the extent you are entitled to any such proprietary right and/or interest, it shall be retained by you.  Notwithstanding, CWGS’ research, marketing and other professionals are constantly developing new products, services, and marketing ideas which can be in development for many years.  Any similarities between your submission and/or the products, services, and marketing ideas developed by CWGS are purely coincidental.


If, upon receiving your submission, CWGS 1) reviews your submission; and 2) decides to act further on your submission, CWGS will contact you in an effort to further coordinate and agree, in writing, upon the mutual development of your submission.  Except as otherwise stated herein, CWGS has no further obligation to you and/or your submission until such time as a written agreement, executed by both you and CWGS, is in place.  We thank you and hope that you continue to remain a valued customer of CAMPING WORLD and GANDER OUTDOORS.